Developing a Successful Swimming Club Social Program

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Developing a Successful Swimming Club Social Program

مُساهمة  Dr. Hazem في الجمعة يناير 09, 2009 2:02 pm

A key element in the process of developing a successful swimming club is the development of an effective social program.

Under the direction of the team head coach, a well-designed social program is an excellent tool for encouraging attendance, developing team unity and building long-term friendships between team members and club families
An effective swimming club social program includes an emphasis on team building and developing friendships between:

Swimmers who train together (same squad)
Swimmers who don’t train together (same club, different squads, different ages)
Coaches and swimmers
Coaches and families
2. The social program can be based on:

Age of swimmers
Level of commitment
Swimming ability
Social activities should be restricted at times to different groups at different times:

Sometimes all swimmers together (major holidays, presentations
Sometimes senior swimmers only (e.g. personal development)
Sometimes juniors only (fun, games
Sometimes swimmers and families
Sometimes only girls or only boys
this just an attempt to headlightning the important of social activities for the swimmers,coaches ..etc
I hope this can Help[img][/img]

Dr. Hazem

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